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Everyday you rely on strength to lift, carry and push.

From carrying children to hauling luggage to pushing shopping trolleys – being physically strong makes everyday life so much easier and reduces the risk of injury.

You even need core strength to sit or stand for long periods.

Coach Malki specialises in building strength. For both everyday tasks and specialist needs such as specific sports.



  • Everyday strength
  • Weight loss
  • Strength & conditioning for sports
  • Power lifting
  • Olympic weight lifting

Most people stop using their gym membership because they’re unsure what to actually do when they get to the gym.

They might use a treadmill or a bike – they are easy to figure out. There’s not the potential for embarrassment by using equipment incorrectly (unless you misstep on the tread mill and hit the back wall!).

They might attend some classes, but the times are fixed and don’t always correlate with the rest of their life.

They don’t see any progression and certainly don’t build any strength. They give up after a few months or decide that gym isn’t for them.

Imagine if you had someone guiding you towards achieving your goals. Someone who knows how to design a program that will build strength. Someone who can show you how to do each excercise properly, so you don’t injure yourself. Someone who can design a program you’ll actually enjoy.

That’s what Coach Malki can do for you.



Plans to suit your goals and budget.

about Coach Malki

Nahir Malki is an Australian champion weightlifter, winning state and national titles. He has also held four Australian records. 

He has trained under Olympian, Ali Azari, and five time world champion Yourik Sarkisian. Nahir has been trained by the best, so he has the knowledge and mastery of technique in the gym.

He learnt that failing is the key to success. By understanding his weaknesses and striving to overcome these he became stronger, more resilient and ultimately more successful.

More importantly, it made him strong of mind. Nahir understands that while the physical adaptations may last from workout to workout, the mental patterns that are built in these sessions can become part of someone’s mindset for life.

As well as years of training experience, Nahir has the following professional certifications:

  • Certificates 3 and 4 in fitness 
  • Certified Powerlifting coach 
  • Certified Weightlifting coach 
  • Certified Strength and conditioning coach 

Thanks to Coach Malki, I’m now working in my dream job as a firefighter. I approached Nahir to train me up to pass the demanding physical entrance test, and he was able to create a unique, fun and highly specific training program in order to get me to the level of fitness I needed.

Not only did he help me yo get stronger than I’d ever been, he also fine-tuned my technique, and was an amazing source of support through the entire selection process. Nahir is a wealth of knowledge but also genuinely cares about the health and well-being of his athletes. He works incredibly hard and is constantly available to his clients, and is able to build a fantastic rapport with the people he coaches. I can honestly say that without Nahir, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal of joining the fire brigade, and highly recommend him as a coach to anyone.


“After 1 year, I have never felt so strong, confident and  proud of myself. I could never imagine losing all my weight in one year had I not started training with Nahir Malki my coach, friend, trainer who has not just changed my lifestyle, my body and the way I look but also has made me strong inside out and made me understand and learn techniques and food macros which I would have never get on top of it in a normal gym or weight loss program. He is one amazing trainer and the best. Currently learning strength training from him and working together on achieving my goal weight and is not far to go.”


“I was unhappy with how i looked before training with Nahir. But after only two months of training I lost weight, gained muscle and learned so much about how to train and eat to fuel my body to reach my goals. 

By building strength i was able to reduce the neck and back pain i had been experiencing for 10 years due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Nahir honestly changed my life and i cannot thank him enough”





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Saturday: 8am – 4pm

Sunday: By arrangement